You notice a lanky boy with white hair sitting at a train station in the middle of no where.
You walk closer to see if hes hurt. you notice hes holding a sharp looking item. will you go talk to him?
> Yes
> No
You walk up to him and ask if he is okay.
he says yes followed by an akward but cheeful laugh.
do you sit next to him?
> no
> yes
No... Of course not. you should be getting home. you can't waste time with some random kid.
Why would he deserve it? What did he ever do for you?

Nothing but provide you with a distraction, clearly.
You walk away from him.
as you're walking away you notice his smile slowy turn into a painful frown.
You really should just go home.
you sit next to him and ask what hes holding.
he tells you its a knife, he found it while walking down the dirt path.
You start to feel uncomfortable sitting next to the sickly boy. will you leave?
You get up and leave but notice he starts crying as you leave.
You feel slightly guilty about leaving him but you must get home.
You continue to talk with him.
but his answers keep getting stranger and stranger...
he won't stop talking about how much hope yoy bring him. eventually he tells you aabout his whole childhood. you are scared so you leave without saying a word. you look back to see him crying with a smile on his face.
What a weird guy...
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