• bisexual + sorta ace
  • Neopronouns/Demi girl
  • age 13
  • hi im... mage or kichi, idc which one lol

    You don't have to pay attention to a lowly bug like me ^^

    I don't exactly know who I am, but I *know* I'm not me:)!

    I have some triggers; plane crashes, police sirens.

    I go by hope/hopeself (hope replacing her, hopeself replacing she)

    You can call me they or she too..

    My favorite colors are green, black and purple

    my only *real* interest is Danganronpa, I tend to overly talk about it and it gets creepy sometimes.

    I draw sometimes (all art featured here is mine), and I make edits! they aren't good, though

    I also love video games and a lot of different music (mother mother, MCR, MSI, vocaloid, ect.

    Sometimes I randomly say stuff about murder, killing and hope without thinking.

    im EMOish?? but mostly grunge.

    I love bugs, stuff thats falling apart, beautiful things, hope, and beautiful people.

    I tend to apologize for simple stuff...

    I'm sorry if this is annoying

    I'm pretty self depricating so... uh, yeah?

    My friends say theres something wrong with me, but honestly, theres something wrong with them.

    i think thats all... you can certainly ask me questions if you like!

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